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Sfat Ha-hem (THEIR language). A performance by Ebisu, the Sign Language Theatre Laboratory

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In a new production, Sfat Ha-hem (THEIR language), the actors of Ebisu – the Sign Language Theatre Laboratory -- explore what happens when the use of one’s native language is forbidden – for “educational reasons”.  Seven actors return to the classroom and the schoolyard.  With a unique language of the stage that blends sign language with physical theatre, and in the politics of minority and majority language prowess, the actors teach themselves and the audience a few lessons in life science, social science, and the humanities. THEIR Language will be ​performed​ in Kelim Center, Bat Yam on July 12-16 and in the School of the Arts, Haifa University on July 19. Please see posters for more information. see trailer

Signing, a film by Nurith Aviv. in Cinematheque Auditorium

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Signing, a film by Nurith Aviv. September 23, 2018, at 11:00 am - Three generations of protagonists, deaf and hearing, as well as researchers from the Sign Language Research Laboratory at the University of Haifa, tell of the sign languages that have evolved in Israel within the past 100 years. in Cinematheque Auditorium, Haifa. With Hebrew captions and simultaneous interpreting, Israeli Sign Language - Hebrew. See poster for more information: Hebrew and English.